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Protecting a title is a crucial part of buying for a potential homeowner, lender, or developer. Title insurance offers protection when titles are disputed, but disputed titles still leave owners, lenders, or developers in an unfortunate situation. To add extra protection against title disputes, individuals and businesses should conduct a title search prior to purchasing property. IDM makes title searches easy.

In the Bahamas, real estate ownership documents, including deeds, Crown Titles, or Certificate of Titles, and others, are lodged in the Registry of Records in Nassau, and because all documents prior to 2003 were microfilmed and more recent documents are often input with errors, the documents necessary to conduct a proper title search can be difficult to search.

To make the title search process more efficient, IDM poured hours into combing through the Registry’s microfilmed documents and extracting and indexing all the essential information. This information goes into a database that is easily searchable, making IDM the only digital source for real estate information in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. To ensure our database stays up to date and accurate, we continue to peruse every piece of information made available by the Registry of Records.

In short, IDM makes conducting a title search feasible for individuals and businesses in the Bahamas and, in turn, gives peace of mind to homeowners, lenders, and developers across the Commonwealth.